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Chocolate : decorations and structures

september saturday 23 2023 fromh 14:30 toh 18:30


Lack of inspiration to decorate your dessert? Want to impress your entourage with homemade chocolate subjects? Choice of chocolate, tempering, molding, assembly techniques and decoration... Nothing insurmountable provided you follow some rules! Come to Labo & Gato and be care away by the magic of chocolate at a workshop combining theory and creativity.

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fromh 14:30 toh 18:30 in Toulouse
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  • Theory on chocolate

  • Focus chocolate technique: tempering, stabilization and crystallization of white, milk and black chocolates

  • Decoration technique: transfer, spraying, effects, structure, color...

  • Assembly technique

  • Modeling plastic chocolate

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  • Chocolate : decorations and structures
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    80,00 €

     14:30 toh 18:30  in Toulouse